Student Apartments in Denton, TX

The Retreat Denton

Live in a place that's as adventurous, creative, and fun as you are at The Retreat Denton! A community of off campus housing near UNT, The Retreat Denton offers a lifestyle every Mean Green dreams about. Our cottage-style townhomes are one-of-a-kind, as each unit offers bright and open spaces, custom finishes, and all the creature comforts to let you feel at home. The community you call home is also totally student-centric. Every neighbor is your peer. The setting is lively, with impressive amenities at every turn, and you have places to focus and work on your studies. Plus, from The Retreat Denton, it's a short trip over to the UNT campus and many Denton hotspots.

Luxury Living Near UNT

The Retreat Denton is superior to conventional off campus UNT apartments in that we offer luxury living to fit a student's budget. In the journey of life, certain amenities can go a long way toward enhancing your daily routines. Especially in college, amenities like a study room and computer lab can be keys to your success. Then again, a game lounge, outdoor pool, and fitness center also have their advantages. Fortunately, we provide all the luxury features you'll need to make your time at the university count.

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The Amenities

Please bear in mind that as we continue to develop and update The Retreat Denton, specific details and amenities are subject to change.

The Retreat Denton

Interior Amenities

Take a glance at the interior amenities in our UNT off campus housing to envision how great your college years can be. Quiet, comfortable, and refined, the furnished apartments at The Retreat Denton are quality living spaces that feature choice options of furniture, appliances, and fixtures, including:

  • Private bedroom and bathroom
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Flat screen TV in every living room
  • Balcony
  • Complete kitchen
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Granite countertops
  • Washer and dryer
  • Cable and high-speed internet
  • Water utility
The Retreat Denton

Community Amenities

Since time is an all-important commodity for a busy student, The Retreat Denton presents a medley of amenities that make it possible for you to perform activities right in your community. Relax, have fun, or be productive any moment you wish by taking advantage of our modern amenities, which include:

  • Spacious parking garage
  • Private pool and tanning deck
  • Exclusive penthouse & VIP units
  • Arcade and game room
  • Fitness center
  • Sports court
  • Computer lab
  • Study rooms
  • Internet cafĂ©
  • Retail stores

Modern Off Campus Living

If you're ready to break free of conventional student housing and discover a place where your style of living is possible, then The Retreat Denton is the destination you seek. By living in our modern off campus apartments UNT students are members of a culture that rewards peer living, personal freedom, and a healthy work-life balance. Create the college experience you desire at our off campus housing.

The Retreat Denton

Innovative Student Housing

An innovative student community, The Retreat Denton provides you with all the ingredients to a successful student lifestyle. Furnished apartments save you money on buying furniture and subscribing to services like Internet. Free amenities take the place of outside venues you'd otherwise pay to use. And our location near the UNT campus reduces your travel expenses and commute times.

The Floorplans

Choose from three different floor plans for your apartment (based on availability) to create the perfect living conditions to suit your tastes. Whether you wish to live solo, with friends, or with new acquaintances, The Retreat Denton has your preferences covered. Our apartments have private bedrooms, and we use individual leases, so tenants face no shared liability for rent. Roommate-matching is also available.

Two Bedroom Floorplan
2 Bedrooms
Three Bedroom Floorplan
3 Bedrooms
Four Bedroom Floorplan
4 Bedrooms

Conveniently Located

Apartments Near UNT

Live near everyplace you want to be owing to the convenient location of The Retreat Denton. Not far from UNT, our off campus housing is a commuter's dream, as you can walk or ride a bike to and from class. The Retreat Denton also puts you close to several of Denton's hotspots to shop, dine, and play during leisure time.

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